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The Equi-IX Method


The Equi-IX Method is an online course to help horse owners develop a pain prevention and management system so they can improve the quality of their horse’s life as well as their relationship with their horse. For all the clients I worked with, each pointed to a common method to identify each horse's issues. Through the method that was developed I was able to help the horse and in many cases, the owner as well. From Acute to chronic, physical or mental, the horse or owner all unveiled itself during appointments. I now share these same strategies and secrets for you in The Equi-IX Method. Let's face it, controversial topics can wear us down in this equine industry - fumbling through science based vs holistic strategies becomes daunting. This is where I have developed a Pain Mapping Strategy to weed through the gossip - retrain your brain - and make some impactful changes with your horse. Inside you'll find an unbiased platform of education that leaves all the abrasive opinions behind that we so often encounter in this industry. This shields you from persuasive tactics and enables informed decision making! Enjoy! Brooke

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