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The Power to Effect Change in the Equine Industry

In the equine industry asking for help can quickly turn into a controversial debate. Unfortunately, this continues to happen each week, in my newsfeed.

I observe topics of discussion and watch it turn into hatred. We get lost in opinions, science, research, holistic routes, even with traditional veterinarians and veterinarians who go down the holistic side of medicine, it is everywhere.

Now more than ever it is so important to understand boundaries and how to solve issues in horses without sacrificing our peace.

It's times like these as to why I created an education platform for those who face this or are tired of seeing this as well. When we find a healthier avenue to turn to in search for answers it can make a huge impact on our mental health.

I feel so strongly about having God be part of this because in his words we can find answers to many questions –especially anything heavy on our heart.

Each time we go to improve our horse’s health or solve an issue it’s more than just finding out the diagnostics – believe it or not our mind plays a big part in the capacity at which transformation can occur in.

When I say “solving issues in horses” know that it goes beyond the basic thoughts…

I invite you to learn more about how I ditched mainstream horse health fads and got my peace back – without the negative conversations we face in our newsfeed on the daily:

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