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The Equi-IX Method

The method that produces solutions for struggling horse owners
Tack Room

30 Day Program

Equine Rehab, Strengthening, Conditioning

Inhibiting Factors Threaten the Health of Horsess

I created this class first and foremost for equine welfare. Pinpointing pain in horses and knowing what is lacking to better perform is what’s missing from so many programs.

My course promises a step by step process for building a topline, recovering from injury, bringing a horse back into competition and more with a customizable education experience.

Horse Training

Brooke Simons, Proprietor Equi-IX

CESMT, CERT, IAAMB Professional Member, R.T. (R)

Certified Equine Massage & Rehab Therapist

BS in Health & Animal Science

Radiology Technologist

Cutting Edge Bodywork through continuous research & application.

Expert anatomical communication to trainer, veterinarian, & farrier.

Experiential leadership for your animal partner.

Targeting equine lameness and behavior addressed with continued research & application.


A course loaded with accessible easy to implement education.

Based off experience, case studies, veterinarian collaboration.

Whether you're an owner, trainer, bodyworker, farrier there is something for you


Breaking down and laying out what usually is overwhelming when searching for answers on facebook, social media, and forums.

Quick implementation with an ever evolving research and experience based program.

Interested In Ulcers? I've Got You Covered

Whole horse wellness, balancing eastern and western medicine, has gotten the most success in equine lameness and behavior issues.


Being able to pinpoint pain and have an easy to

implement program creates substantial progress we want to see in our horses.

All The Tools You Need To Start Your Program Today!

Why wait to implement? 


How does this course work?

Documents provided

Video content

Step by Step outline

Custom built program


Kissing spine



What is required of me?

Before and after photos sent in.

Updates, progress, feedback highly encouraged!

If you don't ask we don't know what your struggling with - 1 on 1 attention available!

Horse Race

Leslie Canada

Brooke has helped Albert Lee, my Belgian Draft, get through a problematic Undiagnosed lameness that has been present for 6 to 8 months in a front shoulder and hoof. She was not hesitant to work with him even though he was a large draft. Thank you, Brooke for your patience and professionalism.


Payton Mcneil

My main horse was injured 4 years ago and after a long 3 years she was coming back then we had a fall where she sustained a neck Injury. My vet Dr. Emily Johnson recommend to try PEMF to see if we can get her back to normal. That is when I contacted Brooke from Equi-IX and my mare has made a complete comeback! Definitely with out Brooke and Dr. Emily my mare would probably be a permanent broodmare.


Jessica Northington

 have a strong belief in the importance of a whole body perspective in equine care. I want to provide the best opportunities for healing that I can for my animals. That said, Brooke is absolutely amazing! Her approach to horse health is not only holistic, which I love, it is also incredibly well rounded and fabulously well informed. She is a highly educated equine professional and her treatment of my boys is always gentle and compassionate. I am so grateful that we have her as a part of our team!!



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