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Bodywork includes techniques custom to the animals restrictions, tension patterns, and what will bring flexibility and mobility back to the animal. Myofascial, deep tissue, trigger point therapy to name a few techniques used. Each animal is different in what they like just as humans bodies react differently to the types of massage we receive.


The goal is to identify by each area what the horse needs in the time it needs it, helping to identify compensation patterns, and to better understand if a referral is additionally needed to aid in the success for your horse.


Certified & Insured. Veterinarian directed.

*For maximum benefits a plan of care is discussed with the owner so the therapist can customize the therapy*


Founder & Co-Founder




Brooke Simons Founder of Equi-IX.

Bachelor of Science in Health and Animal Sciences

Master's in Healthcare Administration

Former Army National Guard Radiology Technologist




Ashley Simons Co-Founder of Equi-IX.

Certified Equine Massage and Rehab Therapist

Human and Horse nutrition

Former Navy Air Traffic Control

The Ultimate Client Attraction Blueprint: For equine therapy professionals ready to stand out from the competition.

Cert Convert ™ is a quick workshop designed to give equine therapy professionals a jumpstart system to attract more clients and stand out in a competitive market.

The strategy I teach inside Cert Convert™ is the same one I used to get my business running on a budget and the same one that worked to gain new clients in a state that was brand new for me to work in. (ie. I didn’t know anyone in the horse community there when I started).

It’s the same strategy I used to get my business noticed, build excitement, and build FOMO (fear of missing out ;-) This leads to more conversations, more appointments, and more momentum!

(Which paved the way to the multi-faceted business I have today.)

The Mane Course Course Brand Kit.gif

Are you ready to assess and address your horse's issues (or a client's horse) with a new perspective?

More importantly, are you ready to find peace with controversial topics in this equine industry - and stop feeling overwhelmed fumbling through science based vs holistic strategies.

While The Equi-IX Method is currently closed to the public, you can watch our free class, then get an invitation to join at the button below.

Create + Grow an Equine Therapy Business for Full Time Income

Get access to the playbook that  flips side hustles to  full time businesses + learn how to create other passive streams of income, with no tech experience, no followers, and no business background

The Mane Course is the proven plan for a profitable business, the same one that took me from side hobby to full time income. It's my complete process for the same kind of success I created that allows you to impact the lives of more horses who are in need of what you have to offer.

Ready to get started? Apply to the program through the waitlist. Be sure to follow the instructions you will see on the apply page.

Approved for 40 CE credits with the NBCAAM

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