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Client Love and Success


With thousands of students across the US, we’re constantly receiving positive notes, celebrating wins, and sharing the impact made for our current students, and former clients

To read some of our favorite testimonials for our acclaimed courses and past client appointments, including Cert Covert, The Equi-IX Method, The Mane Course, and more, keep scrolling!



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Equi-IX Testimonials

Brooke has helped Albert Lee, my Belgian Draft, get through a problematic Undiagnosed lameness that has been present for 6 to 8 months in a front shoulder and hoof. She was not hesitant to work with him even though he was a large draft. Thank you, Brooke for your patience and professionalism.

Leslie Canada

March 12, 2017

Equi-IX Testimonials

Brooke really helped my OTTB who from his track days had a lot of stiffness while retraining for his life from the track. She helped him so much and he was so much more relaxed and free moving after his sessions with Brooke.

Janice Smit

March 10, 2017

Equi-IX Testimonials

Brooke's service was excellent. My mare was feeling really good after her first session.

Deanne Rankins

March 10, 2017

Equi-IX Testimonials

Brooke has been working with my mare who has some major physical issues & isn’t shy about reacting when someone touches a sensitive spot. Brooke has been wonderful with her, sensitive & careful.... Brooke is very knowledgeable & professional, I highly recommend her!

Ann Shubert

January 5, 2020


Absolutely love how she did with my mares! She did an amazing job! highly recommend her!

Shalene Snipes

May 27, 2019


Brooke is amazing!! I have always done chiropractics on my horse, but having her do the massage and PEMF on my horse I can see a big difference and now my chiropractics is holding on longer!!

Aisha Valdez

July 20, 2020


My main horse was injured 4 years ago and after a long 3 years she was coming back then we had a fall where she sustained a neck Injury. My vet Dr. Emily Johnson recommend to try PEMF to see if we can get her back to normal. That is when I contacted Brooke from Equi-IX and my mare has made a complete comeback! Definitely with out Brooke and Dr. Emily my mare would probably be a permanent broodmare.

Payton Mcniel

November 18, 2020


I have never used equine massage before and I am so blessed that Brooke came into my life when she did. My horse had a bad accident which consisted of stumbling and falling at the canter on a lunge line. Her neck was bent at almost a 90 degree angle when she fell right on the bend and then somersaulted along her spine before smacking her pelvis into the ground. It was horrific. I thought she had broke her neck. Xrays came back fine so what was next? For me I decided to try equine massage and chiropractic adjustment as her next steps after a month of hand walking and I have to say the massage has made HUGE differences in my mare. The way the accident occurred I wasn’t sure I would ever get her back to pre-accident but she has now had only three sessions with Brooke but is already significantly improved. Yesterday she actually kept her head down nearly the whole time and her neck popped three times just in her moving to stretch after bottle had finished in that area. That combined with her exhibition of relaxation behaviors I have never seen before make me feel hopeful that she just might recover from this. As far as massage goes, I am completely sold and would highly recommend the magical hands and extensive knowledge of Brooke!! She is gentle but has a great feel for when more or less pressure is needed. I’m so glad I met her! And Eve is too

Sofia Thompson

June 29, 2020


The dogs really like Brooke. Very good hands. My terrier who doesn't settle for massage fell asleep. If he will let go that much she's doing great things.

Vicki Loucks

August 06, 2019


I have a strong belief in the importance of a whole body perspective in equine care. I want to provide the best opportunities for healing that I can for my animals. That said, Brooke is absolutely amazing! Her approach to horse health is not only holistic, which I love, it is also incredibly well rounded and fabulously well informed. She is a highly educated equine professional and her treatment of my boys is always gentle and compassionate. I am so grateful that we have her as a part of our team!!

Jessica Northington

March 2, 2021


Brooke did a great job with my gelding. He has been used for mainly lessons and trails, but is my main horse too and I ask a lot of him! He has never been a kicker or bucked for that matter so when he started having some major fit issues I didn't know who else to call. He was so sensitive, I could barely touch his back without him flinching and having spasms. That and when we would saddle, he would move away from me very clearly! She did a great job with him and now he is back to his quirky self, and after just 2 sessions!

Amanda Caward

February 26, 2020


Pearl had her first massage and treatment a little over a week ago and today she was feeling those results!

When I went out to feed this evening she had her tail tossed over her back and was going full tilt around the pasture, snorting and blowing the entire way. Sliding stops and beautiful roll backs as she was feeling her oats!

Pearl has a few more sessions to really work out all those kinks but the first one was a success!

5 Million stars!

Kandie Kingery

February 25, 2020


Sammy loved his massage!!! Brooke did a great job and the session was very informative!!! Just what Sammy needed after a long, hot day of running agility!!! Highly recommend Brooke!!!

Brian Knight

August 20, 2019


Brooke took excellent care of my show dogs, helping their movement. They now have no restrictions and more range of motion. Brooke is excellent with the dogs!

Melissa Zobell

August 06, 2019


Brooke is awesome, shes a natural with horses. She's really passionate about her work with them. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Cassie Ruiz

June 17, 2018


Brooke is absolutely wonderful! She was patient with my mare Nitrous Grace, who is new to massage therapy. Not only did she take her time to explain everything but she made sure everything was done thoroughly and correctly. Somebody that I would definitely use again and recommend to anybody that needs her.

Hayleigh Campbell

September 22, 2017


Brooke's experience and love for horses show when she works on her clients! It's obvious her goal is to get your horse back to 100% so you both can perform at your highest. Equine massage has totally transformed my barrel horse for the better. You didn't realize how easy it is for one small pain to unbalance the body. Brooke is the easiest to work with and the best you can find! Highly recommend!

Ashley Simons

March 12, 2017


I really enjoy her work on my boys! Both of them feel great after getting the massage and she really knows what she's doing

Amber Turner

March 12, 2017

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