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Beyond our worldly titles, what's our purpose?

I often talk about how being intenful in working with horses (Bodywork, training, hanging out with them)... changes the impact and communication we have with them. But have you thought about being just as intentful when learning about God and studying the gospel?

As I started reading a new study plan, it made me stop and think about certain words that we are so used to saying, that it almost sounds numbing.

When I stopped to think about "eternal life, "salvation", and other words we are used to reading about, this is when I realized I should slow down and be intenful in my studying. What does that word really mean beyond the english dictionary? Biblically, what does it mean?

Implement with intent, I tell my students and fellow bodyworkers in what I teach, but that same thought has been renewed in me to be able to open my heart more to God and what he has to teach us, preparing us, living this life as a test to hopefully go to Heaven one day.

I also think about our worldly titles. I may have 3 degrees, several certifications in healthcare, and multiple in the equine industry, but when you strip us all of our worldly titles, it's all flesh and bones. However, we can also think beyond the titles and be more intenful with them. They can be seen as our purpose and calling depending on what that is for you reading the Bible plan, "what on earth am I here for", has helped break that down for me to living life one day at a time.

I may not say everything correctly when it comes to talking about the Bible and all that it entails, but like anything I talk about when starting something new... just start, try, and it gets better with time.

When I say "new"... I have always believed in God, but never have I really devoted time to learning about him in this way.

I'm thankful that the hardships and obstacles I have overcome has brought me closer to him. I feel like that's the point many times.

I finally hit a breaking point, and enough was enough... so here I am.

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