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Equine Therapists & Entrepreneurs Stay Informed!

Finally Find Solutions and Ditch Mainstream Horse Health Fads

Is 2023 the year you “finally” find solutions for your horse… and ditch mainstream horse health fads?

Here’s what I know after wearing many hats in the equine industry and you will find out later why it’s relevant:

As a horse handler for hippotherapy & EAGLA sessions.

As an intern on a veteran ranch and becoming a veteran myself.

As a healthcare professional helping in equine surgery, rehab, and lameness.

As an equine bodyworker with an arsenal of veterinarians and chiropractors by my side.

The key to healing horses and the connection we want with them isn’t about the method your using… it’s about the thoughts you think.

It’s about directing the method you use, with your mind, through intention.

The controversial debates… has our confidence shaken and the direction of healing backwards.

BUT this really isn’t a secret. We already see the daily struggle between schools of thought.

But keep reading…

You deserve something far better than the peace that’s been stripped from you.

You deserve something that aligns with your internal desires rather than shames it.

You deserve SO much more than a culture that is fighting, and so does your horse.

Because on the other side of the fighting is a shift FROM:

Don’t feed that or Don’t feed treats or Don’t use that bit…


Weeding through the misinformation with the “why’s” vs the “because I told you so”

Armouring your mind with the needed power to free yourself from the harsh parts of the equine industry.

To give you back your sanity in the choices you want to make with your horse.

And honoring your journey with more grace, understanding (psychologically), and faith.

If that shift is what you’re after this year, I’ve got a free class just for you!

If you’re ready to find solutions for your horse, block the persuasive tactics, and ditch mainstream horse health fads - then be sure to visit the link and save your seat for the class.

See you there!



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