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Horse Owner's Path to Self-Improvement

Our mindset and approach significantly impacts everything we do with horses. It can be the difference between a good safe ride, or a hyperactive “non listening” maybe even dangerous ride.

Our hands are a direct reflection of our mind and the energy we put off. I know this may be obvious at this point but horses know this, they feed off this.

Being able to have the tools needed to reshape our autopilot can truly create change within our horses’ lives.

It starts with our mind.

Everyone is capable of tapping into this. You just may need a little extra strategy to get there.

Every successful person has a mentor or coach on their side line in some shape or form. They come in many different areas of our lives. Maybe just for a season, for a course, or even life!

The truth is life gets a little easier when we learn to ask for help - and if you are like me - I know how hard that is.

Honestly, there A LOT of reasons for really digging into mindset shifts and having a true healthy support system (many of which we’ll touch on in the next few e-mails).

But one thing’s for sure:

Our mind has the power to impact change.

Once you tap into this “next level”, the changes truly start happening around you.

Now, maybe you’re reading this, nodding your head in agreement, but you’re thinking…

“Yeah, ok, but now what? Where do I get started?”

The starting point is exactly what I want to talk about…

BUT let’s start with the 5 steps below!

This path encourages us to take steps to better our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Exercise helps to improve our mood and physical health

Exercising our horses is an excellent way to improve both our own and our horse's physical and mental health. Not only does it keep our horses fit and healthy, but it can also help to improve our mood and reduce stress. Taking our horses out for a ride can be a great way to relax and clear our minds, and the physical activity is great for both of us.

If you don't ride there are other ways to get exercise in from the ground - groundwork, pole work (such as in the 30 day rehab exercise guideline later in this program), liberty, connection exercises are a few examples. Plus, it's a great way to bond with our horses and build trust. So why not take some time to exercise our horses today?

Meditating helps to clear our minds

Meditating is an excellent way to help clear your mind and it can be especially beneficial when working with horses. Taking the time to sit still and focus on your breath can help you to develop a deeper connection with the horse and the environment around you. It can also help you to become more aware of the horse’s subtle body language and reactions, allowing you to respond more effectively and compassionately.

Writing helps us better understand ourselves

Writing is a powerful tool that can be used to explore our thoughts and feelings, and discover more about ourselves. It allows us to reflect on our experiences with our horses and gain insight into how we can improve our relationships with them. Writing can also help us identify areas where we can grow and develop our skills as horse owners and riders. By taking the time to write our thoughts and experiences, we can better understand ourselves and our horses - ultimately leading to more meaningful and productive progress.

Helping ourselves helps us to help others

Absolutely! Taking care of ourselves is an important part of being able to help others, and that includes our horses. Taking good care of ourselves, including getting enough rest and nutrition, can help us to be better equipped to give our horses the best care possible. Doing things like grooming, exercising, and even just spending quality time with our horses can help to create a strong bond that benefits both us and our horses.

Seeking God helps us to be comfortable with the uncomfortable

God's help can be invaluable in learning how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable situations we find ourselves in. Having faith in God can help us stay focused and in control of our emotions, which is essential for staying safe around horses. Horsemanship involves understanding the horse's emotions and body language, and having trust and respect for one another. Practicing mindfulness and maintaining a clear head can help with this, and God's help can be a great source of support and encouragement.

Taking these five steps can help us on our journey to self-improvement.

Stay tuned!

Brooke Simons | Creator of The Equi-IX Method™ and The Mane Course

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