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June fun with a Pomsky

June has been fun ;-)

Every morning I come face to face with grasshoppers who stick to the glass door as I quickly open and close it.

The pomsky proceeds to hunt them while I get jumped by a herd of grasshoppers on my way to feed horses.

Fight the grasshoppers while I open the feed shed.

Fish out the grasshoppers from the water trough while avoiding the trail of biting ants waiting for dead grasshoppers to fall.

Fight/avoid and spray the wasps in the hay storage while I convince then I'm just here for the hay.

Talk my pomsky out of eating his 5th grasshopper for the day, as he has already snuck it in the house to play with first.

Made friends with beetles in my shoes, on multiple occasions.

Been attacked in bed by pesky night time flying bugs OR woke up by my pomksy jumping at said bugs... he is quite the aware hunter!

Found a wasp in the pomsky's mouth.

Then found the wasp's friendssssss... in my bathroom like every day for 3 weeks.

Still battling the wasps but hoping the duct tape on the windows help.

Making "friends" with large spiders in the house.

Avoiding and redirecting spiders when they make their nightly webs in the wrong spots while chasing the pomsky who is after his like 10th grasshopper for the night.

Pic of said Pomsky AKA official bug hunter/ grasshopper population control officer.

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