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Mental Fortitude and Faith

A message on my mind today and this article spoke to me. #2020 into #2021. Reality is we have to find tools to strengthen our mind against the obstacles we still face during COVID.

How many of us have “collapsed at the grip of pain” and are experiencing “a slow death through self-pity?”

In a fallen world, pain is real and inescapable. So the question isn’t whether you will experience adversity and the inevitable pain that comes with it. The question is: How will you respond when adversity hits you?

The message from God is that he calls his people to be mentally tough. However, it is rare to see "mental toughness" and "Christian" used together.

The Spirit works within us, and we must put forth great effort, to produce self-control. If we passively sit back and ask the Lord to just give us self-discipline, it won't happen. On the other hand, if we ignore the Spirit and attempt to generate self-control out of sheer human effort, we will never experience the fruit of the Spirit.


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