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With a heart for horses and a knack for business, I've turned my passion for equine therapy into a thriving career, helping thousands of horse owners and professionals like you to not just dream about a successful equine therapy business, but actually build it

Ready to create + grow an equine therapy business? Then welcome aboard because that’s my specialty!

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Earn 2 CE Credits through the NBCAAM

national board certification for animal acupressure and massage

I'm Brooke Simons, Founder of Equi-IX. I help equine professionals use business education to create the momentum they have been searching for. Equi-IX is a veteran owned & operated business providing equine education services based in Texas; the sole purpose is to better the lives of horses & their owners.


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Step 1.

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How to Find a Certified Equine Therapy Course

Getting your foot inside the equine therapy world can be a little confusing. You NEED the run down so you can block yourself from being screwed over by non-legit sources.

Are you wanting to start an equine therapy business, but don't know where to get certified?

Get instant access: How to Find A Certified Equine Therapy Course today!

Step 2.

choose an equine therapy certification

Learn how to attract more clients

Cert Convert ™ is a quick workshop designed to give equine therapy professionals a jumpstart system to attract more clients and stand out in a competitive market.

The strategy I teach inside Cert Convert™ is the same one I used to get my business running on a budget and the same one that worked to gain new clients in a state that was brand new for me to work in. (ie. I didn’t know anyone in the horse community there when I started).

It’s the same strategy I used to get my business noticed, build excitement, and build FOMO (fear of missing out ;-) This leads to more conversations, more appointments, and more momentum!

(Which paved the way to the multi-faceted business I have today.)

Step 3.

finding pain in horses

Expand your knowledge

An unbiased course platform that leaves all the abrasive opinions behind that we so often encounter in this equine industry.

Enables informed decision making and shields you from persuasive tactics.

Strengthens your mental strategy to approach your horse's pain and behavior cycle with less mystery.

The Equi-IX Method is an ever evolving course with solutions, step-by-step guidelines, and an inside look into the psychology of horses and our mental health with strategies pulled straight from my equine bodywork business.

Step 4.

Grow your equine therapy business

Create & Grow your equine business

It's ditch imposter syndrome. To fully step
into business owner mode. To impact the horse industry in a unique way. To create the success you

Get access to the playbook that  flips side hustles to a  full time business — Get everything you need, from starting to growing your business, all in one PROVEN plan!

Are you ready to create and grow your equine therapy business? More importantly, are you ready to have a proven plan for a profitable business and impact the lives of more horses who are in need of what you have to offer...

Ready to get started?

national board certification for animal acupressure and massage

An approved provider offering 40 Continuing Education Credits

Step 5.

Extra Income Opportunity

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Ditch the financial uncertainty, and start building a solid, stream of income for healthcare workers, equine therapists, and horse owners, every single day.

Learn How to Build Wealth with Our Ultimate 5 Figure a Month Blueprint securing a stable income while you dedicate more time to your family, animals, and things you love! 

This can be started whether you are in business right now or not. This is the long-term plan I recommend before your body gives out 😉





NBCAAM CE Provider #CE-1398

Brooke Simons, Founder Equi-IX.

Bachelor of Science in Health and Animal Sciences

Master's in Healthcare Administration

Former Army National Guard Radiology Technologist

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Ashley, Co-Founder Equi-IX.

Certified in Equine Massage and Rehabilitation Therapy

Human and horse nutrition

Former Navy Air Traffic Control


Certified Equine Massage and Rehab Therapists

Cutting Edge Bodywork through continuous research & application.

Expert anatomical communication to owner, trainer, veterinarian, & farrier.

Experiential leadership for your animal partner.


With the Right Plan,
Great Things Can Happen

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Veterinarian Referral System

Simons sisters assists chiropractic adjustments with bodywork. Teaming up with several veterinarians, they dovetail their therapy with the direction of the veterinarian-chiropractor. 

As a healthcare professional in radiology, the hospital functions with multiple departments working together. Brooke has brought the same approach for animal Healthcare. Utilizing a referral system and connections with veterinarians, farriers, chiropractors, and more we are able to achieve the whole wellness team approach.


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Brooke Simons

Owner and Business Manager

Decatur, TX

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