My dog was 5 months old when I realized he had separation anxiety. I can come home one day to find he had climbed on top of the toilet and on to the kitchen sink, which led to him breaking his humerus. bone! It was after bringing him home, limited to movement, that I realized he had an issue. For me to go to work I had to give him ace during this crucial time.

It was then that a friend of mine introduced me to essential oils in 2014. With some training techniques and the oil added into the regiment it helped to create a safe space for Saber.

Now realizing all the questions surrounding safe usage of oils with horses, dogs, and other pets, plus for ourselves there is a community for this! To start with a no strings attached membership account order the starter kit I began with here and you will be sent information for the group:


Oils for Horses and in Bodywork Business

I use essential oils in many of my bodywork sessions with horses. Especially when the environment can be distracting or the horse is triggered by an area.


Due to oils being able to cross the blood brain barrier it has a huge effect on the mind!


Powerful little plants in a bottle!

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