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A Balanced Life with Success is Possible

This book really spoke to me back when I read it in 2019. Actually Mustang Maddy introduced it to me. Her ideals of teaching sparked one of the paths I chose to explore, emphasizing the importance of self reflection and self growth.

Even though it's not a horse specific book, it is very important as horses and everything else in our lives go hand and hand. Lessons from one subject trinkle into all other areas.

Despite more recent discussions circulating that say -》It is to be expected that to see success you will also have an unbalanced life... it's simply not true in all cases.

The result of being unbalanced for such a time, for success, ends up resulting in burn out. The cycle continues. If you're okay with that cycle than do what you feel is best for you as an individual.

However, as I have explored balancing life, with success included, it became more clear to me what I resonated with more.

Simply put... a more balanced life, with success, is possible. It is identifying when you're about to go top heavy, and how to "reel" that back in to keep the success going with balance that will make the difference.

This is the beauty though, in all the different personalities that God has placed on earth.

This is also why there are many kinds of mentors for different seasons in life.

Find one that resonates with you and start learning all you can. When you feel you have reached a point for something new, another mentor will come along for that new season in life!

I call these periods of Growth.

Don't let what one person says deter you from thinking you can't have success unless you go top heavy or bankrupt first.

We are all running our own race.

Quote from the book to end where we started:

"If we really want to practice compassion, we have to start by setting boundaries and holding people accountable for their behavior"

Boundaries... have you ever considered boundaries in Business?

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