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Equine Therapists & Entrepreneurs Stay Informed!

Helping equine therapists leave their 9-5!

Certified Equine Therapists: Is your 9-5 job leaving you unfulfilled, dreaming of the day you can dedicate yourself fully to your true passion?

You have the certification, the skill, and the heart for equine therapy—what you need now is the path to turn that passion into your primary source of income and be in control of your weekly schedule.

My specialized free class is designed for you. It’s for the equine therapists who know their potential but are stuck in jobs that don’t bring them joy or the financial freedom they crave. I offer not just strategies, but a jumpstart support system focused on helping you transition from your day job to an income producing equine therapy practice.

Learn how to market your unique skills…

…and if you aren't sure how to identify this in yourself yet, don't worry, I teach you how to tap into that part for advertising yourself to stand out from the competition. Most equine therapy businesses are missing 4 key messaging buckets that are preventing them from the income potential they could be having.

Attract and retain clients who value your work.

and finally make the impactful difference in the equine industry you’ve been dreaming of—all while achieving the financial success you deserve.

Break free from the 9-5. It’s time to step confidently into a career that fills both your heart and your bank account.

Click the link to pick a date and time for the free class, and let’s make your dream career ACTUALLY obtainable! Free Class: 5-phase system to create and grow a profitable equine therapy business (

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