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Equine Therapists & Entrepreneurs Stay Informed!

Strategies taken straight from my full-time equine bodywork business.

"Supplement 'X', It helps a lot!"...they said. You respond by scratching your head and reply with... "alright... but why does it?"

You don't just want to know it helps a lot... you want to know why.

I see this too often the generic responses, "it just works, do it!"

Why though?

A great trainer will always explain why instead of just telling you to do it. They explain why, so the importance is drilled into your head and the lesson sticks. These are building blocks for amazing progress in our horsemanship.

Same goes for PEMF and bodywork. I'm such a huge advocate for researching into anything I do. It is important to me that the intent behind what I do is there, and I understand how it's helping the animal. That's why I chose PEMF to be part of my program.

It has clinical studies showing "how it helps" or "just works".

Education is key to progress.

The magnetic field created with PEMF works by mobilizing every cell it reaches. The more cells we effect the greater boost the body gets in its defense to disease, illness, fatigue, soreness, injury, mental effects, and more.

Now the rest... leave that up to faith and prayer, because we as humans can only do so much, the rest is left up to God.🙏

Equine therapists and PEMF practitioners, if you would like to know how I utilize the tools and my skills to help horses, plus everything else that goes into the progress we want to see in our own, and client horses, then tune in because I'm excited to share all of this and more with you in The Equi-IX Method - strategies taken straight from my full time bodywork business which I'm sharing in this free class:

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