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Equine Therapists & Entrepreneurs Stay Informed!

Can you make money using PEMF on horses?

Are you in an area that equine massage and PEMF is typically new to horse owners? Have trouble "convincing" them?

Feeling discouraged?

Consistency missing?

Want to know how I kept people on the books and not have to go searching for people or follow up?

How do you handle travel fees?

This is exactly why I put together all pieces to the puzzle, especially, in an area that's newer to it.

You'll be amazed how quickly the momentum catches when you implement the pieces that I did in New Mexico.

I'm sharing this because THIS is how the ripple effect works. When you have something that can help someone else find success that will further spread the knowledge of helping EVEN more horses and MORE owners looking for help...

THAT is purpose and THAT is how you can effect change in the smallest ways that contribute to the bigger impact.

What you are feeling is exactly why I'm sharing this inside.


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