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Equine Therapists & Entrepreneurs Stay Informed!

Can you really make money working with horses?

Y'all ever wander what it looks like for the instructors of equine massage certification courses outside of teaching courses? Like HOW are you getting clients (or how did you before teaching)?

How do you have conversations that get people on the books?

How do you incorporate PEMF and massage/rehab/thermal imaging etc? How do you price that?

How do you handle money questions? Taking payment? Do you use paper or an app for tracking appointments? HOW do you handle cancellations?

Do I need a bookkeeper? Should I file for an LLC and how do I find someone to help in my business?

What does the IRS care about?

HOW did you build your business?

What is a realistic expectation of money in the first year?

Could I leave my normal job in year 2?

How did they get momentum and keep it going each year?

Each year in business my inbox continued with inquiries outside of normal client appointment's with others wanting additional tips to help kickstart their own equine business...

...and I'm of the mindset that the more people we can empower to help in this service to horses and their owners, that's a win!

Our purpose on earth isn’t to take, but to give and find a way to share that in whatever platform of life that is brought to us as individuals.

Mine just so happens to be this! In this season of my life it's shifting into a position to better help answer the questions I get in a different and unique way.

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