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Discussing Pain Points with Horse Owners

Would you like to learn a better way to discuss pain responses in horses with their owners?

Have you wanted a better way to explain to your clients (or for yourself) nutrition, saddle fit, how muscle and bones interact to bring balance.... and all the other things involved with pain related behaviors?

Stop and have a refreshing summer drink with us as we learn about....

  • The 4 phase model I use (and my clients use) to break the pain and behavior cycle in horses with more clarity and less mindset struggles.

  • Why you DON'T need to panic-buy that magical supplement to change behavior problems—and what to do instead.

  • The 6 mistakes to avoid when finding resolution to pain issues (this will save you so much money).

  • How managing your mindset (yes, your mindset!) can actually help manage your horse's pain (or get rid of it all together).

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