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"Effectively Pricing Equine Bodywork Services: The Pros and Cons of Listing Rates on Your Website"

Do you list your equine bodywork prices on your website?




Actually, I never listed it, and it grew my business quite a bit with it having potential new clients message me for a price. This allowed me to ask what's going on with the animal and a few other productive conversation pieces. Then I would give the price, due to the variety in my session options.


This is a common question I help answer and give you some pros and cons to think about. 🤗🐓

I teach this way of pulling in people and structuring this in my free class. If you're interested in it follow this link to save your seat and learn more: FREE EQUINE BUSINESS CLASS, But I found much better results without listing a price on services mostly because it's the way I customize it even though I had two standard set prices.


I also found I was able to help weed out bargain shoppers and would lead to those who found more value in the need they were seeking, and I could help provide the information they were looking for, pending on the issue at hand. Which is mostly why a conversation needs to be had first, considering we aren't offering generic sessions. It's done with the horse's potential issue or need in mind and the owner's reason for inquiring.


It's the conversation and connection that's more important, and this allows that to happen. It's also why in my first two years in business I was able to leave my full-time hours at the hospital and was making full time income with it.


Most customers that will become repeat clients are looking to have a need fulfilled and that's the importance with business and providing a service.

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