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Energy In A Bottle

Finally have energy in a bottle without the sucralose! Jade Lemon Berry + Energy

Hey all you ladies always on the GO throw this bottle in your purse. When the afternoon nap time feeling hits put this in your water for a more natural way to keep your body feeling great with an added boost of caffeine.

Plant-based caffeine per serving, these drops give you a natural, crash-free pick-me-up throughout the day to encourage you to drink more and stay hydrated. Of course, not all caffeine is created equal, which is why Young Living’s exclusive naturally sourced caffeine blend is made from Brazilian guarana seed extract and green tea and is free of synthetics.

A unique feature of guarana seeds is that they contain molecules called tannins, which can cause caffeine to release slowly, for a natural, longer-lasting effect with an optimal level of caffeine.


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