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Emotional Releasing

During bodywork sessions I have learned there is an emotional component to what I do. This isn't only for horses... the owners as well. Owners are also part of the puzzle piece in resolving issues in horses and moving forward.

In searching for ways to effect the mind naturally and work through emotion... I have found essential oils to be effective. Allowing horses to choose the oil they want, allowing time for processing, and application are all part of this.

Now when I leave a session how do you, as the owner, continue releasing needed?

That is where advocate for you having access to the powerful bottles of oils too!

To safely and effectively use them for your horse and for yourself resources are needed. That is where I have created a support system with an abundance of information for horse owners alike and veterinarian directed care with oils (if you so choose).

Below is a video to show what Valor can do for horses!

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