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Colic Barn Essentials and Equi-IX Owner and Founder Brooke Simons Interview with Pharm Aloe Equine

Pharm aloe helps to show the comparison with other companies content, essentially preventing you from wasting money on watered down aloe. The company did a chart comparison this is one of the ingredients I use in my nutrition plan for horses with gut issues that need a healing period, epm cases, and joint inflammation issues.

There is the concentrate which I use for me, my dog, and horses.

The gel version especially for traveling and colic.

And the easy to feed pellet form too.

My Go To Use for Pharm Aloe:


FROM 2022 - Torque (my 10 month old) started colicing Friday morning. Gave him banamine initially, Aloe concentrate in a tube. That afternoon he went to see vet as he wasn't getting better. He got fluids and bio sponge for the diarrhea he was having.

They summed it up to a gassy colic. Sent him home with more bio sponge.

He wasn't worse but still the same. I continued with Aloe in a syringe as a carrier with 10 drops of Peppermint. Then switched it up to Digize. I then put 20 drops of each on his abdomen... anddddd I even brought a heating pad out and sat beside him as I rubbed this on late last night.

48 hours later he is looking better, I checked in with the vet periodically during this time frame.

Gave him salty water and regular water.

He is doing better, and pulled through!

Thankful to have the essentials though! Any extra we can do during these crucial times can be important!

Every barn essentials!! BANAMINE, Pharm Aloe gut tube, Pharm Aloe concentrate, Peppermint and Digize (Gut blend). Pharm-Aloe Equine Equine Aloe Vera


FROM 2022 - When the boarding facility we were at previously became a health hazard for my foals, we moved, and I immediately started them on a higher dose of Pharm Aloe.

Twyla was in ICU for a few nights and when I finally got to bring her home I started her on aloe (prebiotic) with her probiotics. The aloe acts as a great carrier to mix with as you can see in the video.

I'm so happy I bought a bulk amount when we moved to Texas! Pharm aloe is a piece of mind as I help to boost their immune system, aid in gut recovery, and helps as a preventative in a stressful or new situation.

Pharm Aloe specifically is unique and proven more beneficial than the brands you buy off the shelf. It's a higher concentrate not watered down like many other brands to cut cost. They also remove the diuretic part of the plant from the liquid produced making this a safer alternative you can trust over the cheaper Walmart brands.

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