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Equine Massage and PEMF Therapist Salary

equine massage salary

If you have been following me since last year I have released 3 seperate programs to take a dream and passion from "I can't do it" or "I'm overwhelmed or confused" to "look what I did!"

In 2020 I had a huge bucket list checked off for me for this lifetime. I was able to step back from working at the hospital and turned my business hours to full time income.

It was sustainable, it was fun, it was exciting to watch something I used to dream about become my actual reality and impact horses and people in more than one way, but alternatively those people and their horses impacted me more than they may ever know too.

I'm happy to share and give back the knowledge that took me years of investments, my free time in training, and my countless hours of research not only in helping horses, but business start ups for people who are just like me.

Some of what I offer is free and for those wanting to grow even faster instead of DIYing the journey of an equine bodywork business... well I have surprises in store for you.

If you have landed on this article then I highly suggest starting with this free class I offer. You will discover what it is you are needing and be able to discuss that in the class 1 on 1 with me as well. 😊

See you there!



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