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Finding Strength while Laughing at the Devil

In weak moments don't make decisions, turn to God. He will give you the strength to have patience, while you wait to make a decision when of sound and calm mind.

With events that happened just this week, this couldn't be more true.

Example 1: Waiting a week to take my filly to the vet - She had ran into the fence causing impact trauma to her front leg that resulted in some swelling and a hematoma (no limping, no fever, no open wound) just a small abrasion. cold hosing and poultice on and off for the first week.

When the area began to fill back up a week later (fast forward to today) I decided it was time for vet intervention. In the moment this initially happened (I usually run straight to the vet for most events), something told me to wait, give it time, care for it the way I had been taught.

When I finally went to the vet, a small part of me questioned myself, if I should have brought her in sooner, but sure enough - there I went doubting a decision I made and listening to others in the back of my head - and it was confirmed that actually the vet said he would have told me to hold off a week anyways for it to heal inside and stop bleeding first.

- It was literally perfect timing - confirming to listen to that little voice inside as I have continued to seek God for guidance where maybe I wouldn't have before.

I have started a bible study called "Discerning The Voice of God", by Priscilla Shirer. It has further helped me identify that voice, and I am not even done with it yet :)

Example 2: Twyla had been trailered before, but usually with a buddy. Her and her sister both are pretty independent however, so I felt it was time I could do this with just her and no buddy.

As her baby stud friend, Torque, proceeded to throw his fit of her leaving, I heard a loud bang from the trailer. I push on a little further to get away from him who was running around, then I checked on her. Sure enough I was glad I stopped. Somehow the divider was lifted out of the hole and fortunately caught itself on a hay net (bless the lord here) so it didn't slam down on her or scare her further. Lesson here: In that moment I was calm to think through it, thanked God it wasn't worse, and fixed it. Also, was thankful the bits of training I have done with Twyla must have helped, as she was calm through all of this!

Example 3: Old relationships trying to creep back in. Standing firm in my convictions, I looked to God to continue to give me peace, safety, and joy, to also stay strong in my boundaries I have set.

My point here is not for judgement upon myself, but to show how God has been with me this week, seeing the blessings in something that could have been more negative not only physically, but mentally too.

The devil likes to play tricks and push himself into our daily lives. He can be exhausting to deal with, but God gives me the energy, hope, and strength to help fight that battle.

and to reiterate, this isn't for advice or input on horse related care or training lol... I usually avoid sharing my horse related stories here, due to the state of our society right now. We unfortunately give our unwanted advice on platforms like these too easily. For every way to do something, there are 5 more ways to do it differently.

This is why I focus so heavily in my teachings with my education courses to leave the unbiased opinions behind, and allow for guided education, leaving owners and professionals lead way to what will work best for them KNOWING the new information they signed up for.

The point here is how God has been part of my journey this week and how thankful I am to have such a mighty God to turn to in any and all moments!

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