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It's not worth regret over never having started

Find the things that set your heart on fire. Once you find them, chase them like you've never chased anything before. -Martha Josey

PHOTO: Where it began in 2007 at a Martha Josey Clinic.

It's rough watching your old self ride so different when you first start out However, I was reminded today by a very humble conversation from someone on the outside looking in. He heard all my accomplishments, credentials, & experiences and said,

"you are an inspiration, I wish I could pursue my passion, you are at least trying to live your own dreams"

and this was a reminder that we can often be to hard on ourselves and get lost in always trying to catch up. Which is also why we can never compare our life and experiences with someone else.

-We all are on our own path-

It brought relief to me to hear this through someone else. Its a relief because I am hard on myself. I'm always trying to hold down more than one job because the entrepreneur side of me wants to create side jobs and business ideas on top of the job I currently hold. Always asking myself what's next?

So TODAY be reminded to be thankful and pat yourself on the back! YOU are doing great!

I know so many of us have said a version of some or all of the following... and many whom are older and wiser than I have given me great advice when these thoughts come to my head...

we can do better...

we could be making more...

we should be further along...

Does this resonate with you? Has this crossed your mind at some point in your life?

We put these expectations on ourself. Which is great when we have aspirations and goals to achieve, but in doing so we forget to stop and be grateful for how far we have come.

Remember what sets your soul on fire and listen to yourself when it needs rest and healing.

Grateful to know God and power of prayer.

Grateful for family-friends- a support system.

Grateful to be done with the previous chapters and grateful for the lessons it taught.

And one other thing lets be part of the change in the horse industry to contribute to uplifting and encouraging each other. Hate, greed, money, social status can make people forget.

We all have a dream and something that sets our soul on fire, don't let this cut-throat side of the industry discourage you from achieving all you want and all you want to try! Try it... because it's not worth regret over never having started.

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