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Mare Pinning Ears and Biting while Saddling

Is this your story...

Your mare is pinning her ears and bites at you while saddling. The biting occurs while doing up the girth, saddling, tightening the girth...

Maybe this?

For the past couple of months, your mare has been rolling, tossing, biting, anything she can, with the multiple bits you have tried...

What about this?

Your mare gets really cranky at feed time, nothing crazy, no biting or kicking, but she pins her ears back and acts all snarly until you put her feed down...

How about this?

My mare has been through two solid cycles of Ulcergard-full tube of it daily, she has almost 24/7 turnout and is in little work due to a tendon issue.

Since being taken down to the regular dose daily, she is very grumpy, biting her sides and less happy in general.

I see you... I hear you... I get it...

What else can you do?

What haven't you tried?

Your horse is becoming the most expensive horse yet!

These are a few concerns that haunt many owners...

What if there was a way to dive into the root cause.

What if there was a way to save money without sacrificing quality?

What if there were some missing pieces you haven't tried yet or questioned?

If you have had these concerns or know someone with them, I invite you to learn more here:


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