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Our Passion to Seek more in our Relationship with Horses

"Hands are the hardest thing to learn and the hardest thing to teach. They relate to a person's temperament - passive, tense, soft, relaxed... A rider should always try to improve his hands." - George Morris

To work with a horse who is presenting issues, you don't want to simply jump into hands on steps, you want to implement with intent.

Start off your journey by asking yourself:

What is my mind framed around?

What is the energy I put off?

What am I struggling with?

The more aware we are, the easier it gets, both with ourself and our horse.

Our passion to seek more in our relationship with horses drives the purpose behind our learning.

"Behind-the-scenes of my upcoming class..."

Intent brings purpose, purpose brings awareness, awareness brings solutions

Our mental health with our understanding around it is where it is where progress begins to take place for us and the horse

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