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Equine Therapists & Entrepreneurs Stay Informed!

Overcome your divorce or your narcissist Horse Gal, you CAN have a successful equine business!

If you have landed on this page, it's quite possible you were just curious, or maybe you are going/or have gone through this. This part of life that can either drain us or make us...

It has taken me years to even put this into writing. The decade of my 20's was full of accomplishments, but behind the scenes I was fighting a battle that a rare few really knew the full context of.

Not only did I fight one battle, but the second huge battle came shortly after and lasted for 4 years. It's one that no one really knew about. The ones closest to me may still not fully understand the horrific impact someone created while I was with them, but it's one that has taken a lot of reflection, therapy, going back to church, and restarting my life for the third time to bring peace to it all and make sense of it.

All while these hardships and horrific time-lapses were happening, I proved to myself that you can overcome even the darkest of days and still shine your light, when others want so badly to keep your strengths to them alone and manipulate them for their own selfish good.

...and I don't know about you but I chose to not let it drain me any longer than the person who thinks they had power over me. Maybe your like me, you have gone through a divorce. Maybe is was a double whammy of divorce and a narcissist, but I met my narcissist after that...

That is when I encountered the living devil in the form of what psychology will label, a narcissist, and better yet a narcissistic relationship, if you were just as unfortunate to find yourself in one.

However, in the years of healing I re-labeled the word "unfortunate" in finding we all have a path in life that we go down, a meant to be situation, if you will. One that if it doesn't end up completely breaking you, will finally lead you back to God in a way you may still be discovering yourself.

My final straw came in life and I found myself diving much deeper into faith and psychology combined. Something I already had been tapping into; especially with horses and the client horses I helped...

...but in my other leg of life... it was yet to come full circle.

A war was building in that part of my life, and I dove my work ethic into the care of those who needed me, my client horses and their beloved owners. Equi-IX experienced huge growth during this time period. Financially it was sustainable and I could leave both my hospital job and the national guard at that point.

I found purpose through the pain and light through those creatures' soul. That's what got me through. The determination, the goals I had, and the heart that was set on creating the best life I could for myself and my animals. The original reason I joined the army after my divorce was to create that life.

Then in lands the thing that, sure... might have helped initially in setting up the marketing aspects of my business, but he soon used that against me and in a way that benefited him financially.

With more success financially, came more hardship with him emotionally, to the point emotion turned into a physically frightening situation the day I finally fled.

I don't write this for sympathy my fellow horse lady, I write this to unite, because us horse gals are a different breed. There is a part of our heart that the soul of a horse is needed to fill it and that can make us susceptible to the bad energies out there we need to protect ourselves from.

I reveal a little more about this story, inside a training I provide, to help others see you aren't alone building a business in the equine industry. It doesn't come without struggle, and many fight a battle we will never know about.

So I teach people how to embrace the best parts of themselves, honor thyself with grace, and how to protect their energy in a business that, well, lets face it, isn't just about providing a service for a horse.

The owners play a huge part in this business even though many of us reach out to the animal world to avoid the "people" aspect, however, they are still a huge part of that horse's life and the person who books you :).

I found many soulful women just like myself through this business so understanding the types of personalities you will encounter will better prep you for that energy centering you need each appointment.

I teach you how to put on that customer service hat and still have energy the next day to keep on spreading the magical hands you were given.

This will grow your business in ways you may have never realized, with what I did in my business, that I am now sharing with others. So horse lady, like myself, I invite you in to an exclusive class that not only will help grow your equine business, it will better equip you for the next chapter in life.

Discover the next chapter, and learn more here:

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