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Equine Therapists & Entrepreneurs Stay Informed!

Serious inquiries only about making a living providing therapy for horses :)

I remember starting in the equine industry seemed unrealistic, to make money "massaging" horses.

I was told you won't ever make money.

People won't pay for that.

That's not a real job.

But when I was faced with unanswered questions for the pain my horse had, the behavior my friends horse showed, the reactions the trainer had with the horse they were given, and the vet could only provide a lameness exam and a steroid injection...

I knew it was time to research this on my own.

And sure enough all those years of case studies, experience, hopeless owners looking for solutions, or an ear that would listen to them...

I knew I had to help, and my mind wouldn't let me sit around and accept the classic "doctor answer" we are often given in the human healthcare field as well. The answer that anything mainstream gives.

It takes time, effort, and someone who isn't burnt out to really solve issues and provide solutions to horse owners who need them. 😊

It takes someone passionate in a speciality to provide such a service. The person who realizes they could be the difference in the hope horse owners have wanted or needed to have in their horse's plan of care.

We often face people who...

...Lack effort. ...lack energy. ...lack empathy. ...lack knowledge resources. ...lack thinking outside the box.

People are restrained to the confines of big pharma and mainstream meds.

Yet, we have way too many options available to us to not be looking into some rather under used tools!

And those who want to break into this industry, to help this mission, are faced with too many tactics to

-> buy the next greatest thing. -> feel overwhelmed by certification choices. -> disappointed by the lack of appointments they have booked.

...and so on...

And that's where I bridge the gap between the knowledge that's needed on top of the resources to make the best informed decision you need in mapping out your path into this realm of equine healing.

To grow your client list after we discover the missing pieces that take you from a part time therapist, to a full time in demand equine bodywork business.

Due to the demand I found in this field of those wanting to make this a success, and the amount of inquiries I have gotten over the years to come on board as interns and guide them through this process, I have created a free class to introduce these concepts and provide a unique opportunity to others serious about making a living doing the thing you love...

...and the thing you can't stop researching about.

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