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Standing Out as an Equine Therapist: Strategies for Differentiating Yourself from the Competition

What if there are already too many equine therapists in my area doing the same thing? (There are equine massage therapists, PEMF practitioners, red light, chiropractors, etc...) How am I going to stand out from competition as an equine therapist?

A common question from the free class "How to create and grow your equine therapy business for full time income."


That's great! That means there is already a market for it. Best. news. ever. SERIOUSLY! Like I tell those I have mentored, no one else is YOU. This is what you’ll learn in the lesson, “Why you don’t need XYZ behind your name”.

Starting an equine therapy business to stand out

Also, know that competition is confirmation. It is great that there are others in the area. You get to have even more fun creating a unique business.

We will dive into just what this means and how vulnerability, credibility, and personality play into how we shape your business; but the “mirrors in business” concept will truly become an asset for life that is a favorite of mine to share with more equine professionals!

...And you’ll hardly need to validate your business and credentials (years of experience don’t play into this) because that’s irrelevant and proven to not matter - Ask me how I know!

The difference will be the uncommon denominator — the therapist (that’s you) — and since you are the only YOU in all the world, that gives your business a unique edge in and of itself.

This does require some strategy to bring the parts out you haven't tapped into yet. However, we help you bring out your own unique perspective, experiences, and therapy delivery style to the surface for you to use.

Does that not excite you!

It does me!

If you're a, "Heck yes, I'm in", then save your seat here: FREE EQUINE BUSINESS CLASS


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