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What device has the best return on investment for an equine therapy business?

I think the consensus here is everyone who puts effort into it will get a ROI. The bigger question may be what therapy modality makes sense for the goal I'm trying to achieve? What business model do I have or want to have? What kind of therapist do you want to be seen as or known for. What will be your UNIQUE marker of business?

Let's use PEMF as an example (this can apply to lasers, kinesiology tape, etc) Laid out some points to think about below.

I'll preface this with I started with the small PEMF unit which is really all you need around that $6500-$7500 range (paid that off), then upgraded to the dual loop pemf system ($20,000 machine). It was worth it for where my business grew too.

My PEMF machine certainly did give me a ROI 🤗. I am primarily a bodywork therapist but I made sure I got the large equine loops with my machine as I was able to move the loops to the opposite part I was working on, so the horse got PEMF the whole time essentially, and then I could use the small loop to power into areas I found through massage that needed extra cell repair and blood flow.

From a business aspect there is more technique that goes into utilizing a PEMF machine (vs a PEMF blanket) so I find it looks better on you and you are able to deliver specified therapy to pinpointed areas vs a blanket that lays there if that makes sense? Nothing wrong with the different brands of pemf blanket therapies LOVE THEM too, pending on your business model though it may make more sense to have something that you can help provide therapy with, more specifically. This is where we need to back up and ask you what your business model is. Mobile therapy? Or a rehab facility? The blanket PEMF systems may make more sense in a business rehab facility because you can multitask better with it while you work on another horse. Just depends how you structure it.

If providing trained, certified therapy as a mobile business I lean toward the PEMF machine (based off your business model of course).

If using it for personal use or you train horses I feel like the blanket PEMF set up is useful because it doesn't require as much babysitting or skill to apply it. Some training certainly to make sure you're aware of when to use or not, but it's penetrating the whole body, vs the loops are applied with different techniques in different areas and knowing how much to turn it up or down is a little different.

So, I think the conclusion is that everyone who puts effort into it will get a ROI. The bigger question may be what therapy modality makes sense for the goal I'm trying to achieve.

The best device is the one that provides the results you want to achieve in business. No right or wrong answer here.

Hope that helps 🙂

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