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4 Reasons Why You *shouldn't* Focus on Tension in Horses...

. . . . . . . 1. 2. 3. 4.

Ok, you get the idea

Here’s the deal: While we should be looking at tension patterns, YES, there is a much deeper subject to dive into in order for that to happen.

Each horse will always be a case by case variable, yes, BUT - and this is my real deal here - if you're focused on the tension and stuck in your mind about how to release it, it won’t come. Our intention is always moving in the direction of our strongest thoughts.

We spend too much time focused on the tension we find, just like a barrel racer who focuses on “don’t hit the barrel” inevitably hits the barrel.

While instead we should be focusing on the direction of our thoughts and stepping back OUT to dive back in deep.

Keep in mind when I say “tension” this is an example of ANY ISSUE.

To understand what I mean by stepping back OUT, I explain in depth in my class where we assess pain, address behavior, and only then can we start to overcome symptoms.

Know that there isn’t one particular thing we will be learning and focusing on, it is timing, shaping thoughts, and identifying foundational holes to rebuild the horse and undo the onion layers.

The collective brings more answers In the answers brings more questions In the questions we find more layers In the layers we unravel prevailing thoughts In the prevailing thoughts we…. YOU get the idea

Get the answers to your prevailing thoughts and learn more at this link:

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