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Case Study: Lameness after a fall

***Amazing news just in time for Christmas!***


Owner's horse had an awful fall during a lunge session that caused the horse to go lame. Vet saw the horse & found soreness in the back, areas of inflammation, among a few other areas needing time to heal.

Owner booked 10 sessions with me which I recommended we do about weekly.

After 5 sessions she did a follow up appointment as I kept having a consistent problem with the horse when working around her right shoulder.


Without telling the vet he saw something in the right shoulder too. Did an ultrasound and saw a tear in the infraspinatus muscle along with bone chips.


With the massage and PEMF work I did prior it allowed inflammation and painful areas to reside that we believe allowed the shoulder pain to finally show up. "Peeling layers of the onion".


I continued the next 5 sessions with focused PEMF on the shoulder and massage throughout the compensating problem areas of her neck and back.

She booked an additional 10 sessions as the vet's recommendation was for her to continue massage and pemf for her recovery.

Since that appointment in October we have completed 7 more appointments for a total of 12 appointments since the start.


She took the horse to the vet today for another follow up. She told me he was shocked at her progress in the amount of time since the last exam. He felt comfortable with her starting additional exercise under saddle again and more turn out time verses the restricted movement. He recommended she continue with the massage appointments as the progress seen from this ultrasound to the previous was incredible in the short time frame, along with her movement!


PEMF is fda approved to heal non union bone fractures and massage techniques are a huge contributing factor to the healing process. Having diagnostic imaging and a veterinarian to compare is a true testament!


I'm over the moon right now!!! It may be small to some but its huge to so many horse owners like myself when we just want to see progress in a positive direction!

Thank you to my client for keeping the wellness team approach!


Massage therapist




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