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Clicker Training with Injuries

This was pretty phenomenal to try together with the owner to give therapy in a safe way for this horse ❤❤❤

I am over the hills excited that bodywork and what I have been studying about clicker training with positive reinforcement has come full circle during this session! It made huge leaps and bounds in the smallest way to safely give the horse relief and therapy that was needed for her injury. The owner has also been a big advocate of positive reinforcement as well so I knew when to click and she knew when to reward..

Together we made this horse's experience so smooth! Before she was moving around and trying to kick in anticipation for her wound to be messed with. We added in clicking and rewarding all the way down with the PEMF machine until you see what the video shows below.

Injury- met with positive+ reinforcement completed with BODYWORK & PEMF❤️

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