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Equine Therapists & Entrepreneurs Stay Informed!

Equine Professionals GROW a business you LOVE with sustainability

New opportunity coming! I will be teaching equine bodywork | PEMF professionals (and similar areas) how to GROW a business you LOVE with sustainability!


Horse owners wanting to have a business Newly certified professionals Professionals in business 2+ years

Teasing some important features I’m working on :)

The Feather Framework - Proprietary method to go from hobby to full time income.

Mane Marketing - Marketing strategies, locking in appointments, how to have client convos with examples, event set up.

Business Mapping System - Multi-part system for a successful business launch and pricing yourself.

Tech Tutorials - To get you seen as “legit” everywhere!

Customer Service Philosophy - My strategy that creates authentic authority and has clients flowing in.

Horse Hobby Flop System - Next level strategies to grow sustainability.

Boundaries in Business - Gain confidence and protect your peace the often missed facet.

Under the Hood - Inside look of a hobby business gone locally viral, my backend flow, my business box.

Social Media Feathering - All things social, facebook ads training, content posting.

The Mane Hustle Roadmap - Full business breakdown, naming your business, logo creation, and solidifying your unique messaging, and much more!

Forms you can download - customizable SOAP note forms, waivers, sponsorship forms, etc.

The Joint Effect - Event set up, how to gain collaboration, winning the vet over, getting professional referrals.

Tracking Systems - Organization strategy, apps, expense tracking, platforms to use.

Flowing in Feathers - Funding, the 10 YEAR PLAN, why you don't need xyz behind your name, and what’s next!

Be an early adopter meaning you get in during the bootstrappy phase of production, have the opportunity to ask for personalized content, with a lower price point.

Once this program is built out it will be a huge lifetime flow of strategies for continuous business building and what you want it to be into your retirement years (hopefully that's far away still ;)), but you have to start somewhere


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