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Finding and Correcting Pain in Horses

After a year long journey and to keep a long saga short. Faith had a turn around on her xray results. From seeing mild juvenile arthritis in her hocks (that has now seemed to have diminished on updated xrays), a head Bob, unknown lameness, and being told she needs injected by two different veterinarians. Faith has been sound and being rode since. I'm happy I listened to my gut instincts, did my research, and got a 3rd

veterinarians opinion.

I advocate for finding and correcting root causes verses covering up pain. When we come to conclusions and have made appropriate changes there is always a time and place for certain intervention and maintenance when all else has been addressed first.

For a young horse injections weren't an answer for me. It meant

something else wasn't right. The same thing happened to me before I started seeing a physical therapist. Balancing the body through diet, skeletal, and muscular systems contributes to a healthier life. Yes sometimes pain meds or a steroid injection is needed for certain scenarios, but why not address the other areas until you exhaust your options long term before short term fixes? Injections I have seen used in rehab scenarios and I believe it has a

place in these situations, but as a shrug our shoulders reaction and saying she will probably just need them with no definitive conclusion doesn't work in this case.

❤️Total Diet revamp 🧡Pharm Aloe! Total lifesaver for healthy gut, inflammation, and more! 💛Chiropractor - Dr. Sarah Loya with Bar SL Veterinary Services, LLC 💚Massage & PEMF Equi-IX 💙Raindrop therapy 💜Saddle changes 🤎Specific Exercises and stretching 🤍Took shoes off to do corrective trims and became sound barefoot

Correct posture. Release and strengthen the body. Fix the gut naturally.

So happy to bring one of my own back to performance. She even won us a little money in sorting

Now maintenance and monitoring to prevent. High maintenance horses are worth it

To provide this level of in depth care from inside out, bottom to top I have designed a program that encompasses all the aspects of Faith's journey, my case studies, and many client horses of how we worked through issues.

It's not just a platform for specific horses, it gives the foundational education for you to navigate this no matter the horses, issue, owner, etc.

Learn more at this free class:

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