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Massage Regiment for Rehab

This is the 4th time of Bodywork for this horse! We kept her on 90 minute sessions of massage and PEMF. We went from the most spasms in the body I have seen yet, teeth grinding, and sensitivity of certain areas to what we saw today!

Overall less sensitivity, she was swaying her head, and had many yawning releases. She is riding more comfortable for her owner! She started her on pharm-aloe (for gut health and other benefits) and had one chiro adjustment the day of the 3rd appointment.

Happy to see the spasms finally subsiding!

This is a typical case where we do rehab sessions back to back then back off on frequency based off the horse. Competition, what the horse is used for, and what we are dealing with is going to vary on what frequency is best in keeping tension away and ridding the body of repetitive spasms.

Not all cases end up this way and on those that still hang onto something is a candidate for deeper dives into #nutrition, hormones, past PTSD, #training, and looking at how much we are having to back track in order to get the body back on track.


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