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Equine Therapists & Entrepreneurs Stay Informed!


Horses able to lift their legs more comfortable for farrier. Restrictions released and flexibility increased = HAPPIER FARRIER

Sensitive/shy horses become more confident and accepting of touch and interaction. = POSITIVE TRAINING SESSION

Horses that present attitude, feel more understood as imbalances and pains are addressed resulting in changed demeanors. = POSITIVE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT WITHOUT FORCE

Horses hard to catch become more accepting and willing to be approached. When a human makes a change to the balance of the body it changes the pain patterns and horses began to realize we are there to help them. Endorphin releases during interaction create a positive experience that they remember; Becoming a game changer for everyone! = HAPPY HORSE

Focused energy and intent with Manual therapy has helped release triggers in horses that have in the past been sensitive areas to be worked on. This can be trauma related, pain, or lack of desensitization. This way creates a positive experience for the horse to learn from instead of creating a fight or flight response = MORE RELAXED READY TO TRAIN HORSE

ULCERS! More information is presented during a session. Some unknown behaviors have been discovered to be related to ULCERS. One confirmed and other suspected through vet based on findings and reactions through a massage session. What has inadvertently been discovered is a pattern. It follows a group of certain muscles along with reactions during work near the hind gut, that is proving to be true with veterinarian testing to confirm ulcers. = TREATING THE CAUSE NOT THE SYMPTOM

These are several personal examples I have encountered with horses. Each has certainly shown me something that no book could teach.

The experience and education that comes with time has been a game changer for performance horses, rehab cases, unknown lameness issues, behavioral problems, etc.

Massage is so much more than knowing the motions. It's mindful intent that a horse senses and experiences. Realizing that through body language, I adjust accordingly and horses learn that with each visit. To truly get releases a horse must feel safe, heard & understood, and know that the human will be patient in their time of finding balance.

Wouldn't you feel more at ease when you feel safe, heard & understood, and know the person your with is patient with you?

Self awareness and self care is so important!

When human - owner - horse have a balance during the session it brings even more light to what the horse is experiencing.


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