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Whole Wellness Team Care - Bodywork, PEMF, kinesiology tape, thermal imaging, chiropractor

Total package spa day for this gorgeous guy! Thermal imaging, essential oil of choice, 90 mins of massage with PEMF, finished off with kinesiology taping.

With his owners providing the best care possible with a veterinarian chiropractor overseeing him, he is set up for success 🥰 and a daily dose of pharm aloe in his life to complete his health package! From the inside out - whole wellness team approach.

Reminder always consult with your veterinarian first. If adding in adjustments to the team make sure it's by a veterinarian trained in chiropractic work or Doctor of chiropractics. If something is not improving or you have questions please always bring them up during the sessions so we can further talk about a plan of care utilizing the whole team 🙂 otherwise a maintenance schedule will be kept unless further issues need addressed. I do however keep a report and always discuss my findings so this is a good time for discussion.

PEMF is an additional modality I use quite frequently with most massage sessions. However, a machine can not take the place of knowledgeable hands. I prefer a full massage session be booked for the first session. PEMF can still be used alongside it as long as the horse can tolerate it or is quiet enough to handle it. With problem areas that are tender or tight horses often times will move away from the pain and technique is adjusted to accommodate the horse and objective needed. In a case like this PEMF won't be used at the same time. It can however be added in at the end or for a focused area during the session. PEMF is also helpful as additional information output based off the reactions and pulses seen when I use it in this way.

For PEMF only appointments these are on a case by case scenario after speaking with the owner regarding the horse. Sessions are custom to the needs of the horse. I also book PEMF for post injury or post surgery veterinarian referrals. Longer sessions are offered for a combo of massage evaluation with a longer session of PEMF again based off the horses needs and what we need to accomplish for the best outcome. 🙂

Increased work, a change in attitude or movement, change in physique are just a few reasons to re-evaluate the current plan or, if not on a schedule, to book a new evaluation.

Topics discussed during a session are not limited to:

Farrier care

Veterinarian intervention

Chiropractic or acupuncture options


Physical training


Equi-IX, LLC

Before and After Thermal Imaging


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