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PEMF for Horses

Equi-IX has had huge success with PEMF. I now have mini machines that need homes who will put it to use!

The FAMOUS PEMF mini traveler IS FOR SALE! Contact me before this opportunity is gone 💥💙


10 year Warranty included!


💫Program for Core strength and conditioning plus gut health ulcer prone horses 💫

Just a few things to think about...

Serious competitors lock this up in your trailer, use every night after competition.

Every day home use... aches and pains? Back pain? Sciatic pain?

Elder dog? Dog with a torn meniscus avoiding surgery?

Animal with an injury? Horse with joint pain?

Healthy cells for everyone increases the immune system, reduces inflammation, and more!

PEMF is FDA approved for:

Stimulating bone growth (1979)

Adjunct therapy for post-operative edema and pain (1987)

Use as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery (2004)

Treatment for depression (2008)

Treatment of brain cancer (2011)

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