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How Can PEMF Professionals Improve Their Advertising Strategy and Get More Clients?

PEMF professionals --> Does any of this sound like you?...

I need help with advertising...

I'm really struggling with marketing....

Any tips to get my equine business going?

I've done specials, set up at local horse events, advertised through Facebook… and really have had no success getting steady clients. Any advice for setting up at shows? Any marketing or promotional info? I need help with getting myself up and going,


Any clever ways or tips to get new clients and repeat clients? I have put posts on local horse network groups on FB. I have encouraged word of mouth.

I feel like I am being left behind not having any tangible help getting going as a business.

Business isn't doing great. I have hung flyers, did boosts on Facebook and Instagram.

Are there any unique marketing type ploys you use?


How are you growing your business?


Please give me ideas before I have to sell my PEMF machine. I don’t have enough business plus I need the income!

The horse business is a tough place. I hope to pursue this as a business so that I can quit my day job or reduce my hours in my 9-5 job.

How do you use the machine in a session and "talk" to people about PEMF. I have done lots of google searches but it's not always easy or intuitive to apply that to my OWN unique business.

I need to know someone else has actually made consistent income from using PEMF in a business helping horses and other animals…





I'm trying to get business things together to start strong with mainly equine services, can anyone share any marketing things with me? I'm struggling to get ideas on what to include in brochures, business cards, informational posts.

I am starting up my PEMF business, was curious what everyone does to show different clients? Like a folder with information about each, body diagrams, waivers, etc?

Do you have an example of what your marketing materials look like or what info you thought was important to put in them?

How have ya'll made pamphlets or brochures for your PEMF or bodywork/massage business?

What do you keep in your bag/box with your machine?

What PRICE list have you created?




ONE THING ABOUT ME. I like helping other horse owners and equine therapists solve these overwhelming concerns and find financial success.

If you haven't found me before, Hi! I'm Brooke Simons: equine business strategist, healthcare worker, Army veteran, 4-time entrepreneur -and I have an obsession with cheese.

I specialize in helping equine business owners (of really any therapy modality), especially PEMF practitioners, stop feeling a lack of support for their unique situation.

Which is why if any of the above hit your SOUL then as Bill Engvall would say, "HERE'S YOUR SIGN!"… letting some of my Arkansas roots shine here… HEY if this backwoods #redneck was able to leave her full time hospital hours to pursue a full time income producing business with PEMF included, you can be successful too!

I'm telling you... Imposter syndrome can be one of the biggest hurdles for people as well, so if that's also something that resonates with you, along with any of the above, then...

...This Free Class is the best start I can offer you! I will show you exactly what I did to make it happen - step by step.

Ready to get these concerns squashed and inject the power I know you have to make it with a PEMF business?! Then click the link to save your seat: FREE EQUINE BUSINESS CLASS | EQUI-IX | BROOKE SIMONS

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