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Equine Therapists & Entrepreneurs Stay Informed!

Reports for Equine Healthcare Professionals

Detailed reports at request that can be sent to your veterinarian or other professionals involved in the Healthcare plan of your horse.

Example from one last month sent to the vet in this horses care plan.


Hind end slightly tracking off to her right verses in line with her front feet. Right side shoulder releasing really well, spasms coming out. Right side neck splenius and brachiocephalicus tight with some knots to work out and myofascial releasing. Lower longissimus back muscles tight and tender, through psoas and over glutes. Backend overall needs more releasing to help aid in her collection and lighter movements plus building up muscles more evenly. Left pectoralis muscle slightly larger than the right with tight areas. Some sensitivity noted with yellow dot of her lower brachiocephalicus tying into the left shoulder.

Recommend enough sessions to begin making progress with releasing and peeling the onion layers back for more proper uptake of hind end muscles. The better she feels the more able she is to use her muscles more properly.

Front leg stretches paying attention to the right shoulder. Stretch leg backwards as well paying attention to the left shoulder as backward movement will be harder if still tight. Start teaching stretches of the hind legs gently rewarding with a release for small trys. Balance between learning and limited range of motion.

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